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Knowing God

The study of the Old Testament reveals the promise, the necessity, and preparation of the Messaiah Jesus Christ. Study the Old Testament and get more understanding of God`s faithfulness and amazing love and grace.

Jesus said...These are the very Scripures that testify about me (John 5:39b).

The Hebrew canon, or Old Testament, refers to the collection of Hebrew (and some Aramaic) books that were recognized as Scripture in ancient Israel. The traditional order we're talking about is referred to as “TaNaK.”

The TaNaK is an acronym for the names of the three large subcollections of the Hebrew Bible: Torah, Nevi’im, and Ketuvim. See how the whole order of the Old testament is actually much different than you may think, and is the same order Jesus would have read them in.


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It takes 6 months to finish the Old Testament course. You can managed the study time by yourself, but y
ou`ll find in each lecture a reccommended timetable.

You are going to receive the Certificate of Completion after the accomplishment of the Old Testament course.

Your Instructor

Andreas Schmid
Andreas Schmid

Andreas Schmid from Switzerland is the founder of OnCalvary DiscipleshipTraining Online. He is an experinced Missionary, Pastor, Church Planter, and Bible Teacher. Andreas received His Bible education from the Calvary Chapel by Mentor Bil Galatin (NY USA ).

Andreas is at present the Pastor of the OnCalvary Fellowship in Baguio City Philippines.