Calvary Discipleship - Online Training

Start Anytime and Anywhere!

Our contemporary discipleship training is designed to prepare and equip you for what GOD called you.

Spiritual Growth - Bible Study - Devotional and Practical Experiences

It`s our desire that you may grow into a deep loving releationship with Jesus Christ. That you`re going to gain profound bible knowledge, and that you can gather devotional & practical experiences.


The Calvary Discipleship Training is for everyone who is ready to follow Jesus and manifest His love in daily life, in church, or mission ministry.

Our 4 courses provide following study sections; expository bible teaching verse by verse, bible survey, biblical topics, prophesies, church history, and guidelines to gain practical experiences with appointed assignments.

You`re going to receive for every accomplished course a certificate of completion and the Minister Certificate after accomplishment of all 4 courses. You can start anytime and anywhere! Once you started, it will take 6 months to finish a course, by investing daily time that is managed by yourself. All lectures are taught from trustworthy and experienced bible teachers, pastors, and missionaries.

Notice, the courses have to be accomplished after the chronoligical order (A,B,C,D). Our courses and certificates are financially free available, but dedication and diligence is required.


Calvary Discipleship