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Our progressive and contemporary discipleship training is designed to
prepare and equip you for what GOD called you.

Spiritual Growth - Bible Study - Practical Experiences

It`s our desire and goal that students grow into a deeper loving releationship with Jesus Christ. That they may gain deepened bible knowledge and gather practical experiences through appointed ministries.

Training Program
This training program is going to prepare and equip you for Daily Christian Life, Church Ministry, and Mission Work, by leading you from Genesis through Revelation and parallel through devotional assignments.

Courses & Contents
1. Old Testament 2. New Testament 3. Body Of Christ 4. Prophesy

These 4 courses provide; bible study verse by verse, bible survey, study of biblical topics, prophesies, church history, and guidelines to gain practical experiences with appointed ministries.

Students receive for every accomplished course a certificate.
Disciple Certificate after accomplishment of course 1 & 2.
Minister Certificate after accomplishment of all 4 courses.

Start anytime and anywhere! It takes 6 months to finish one course, by investing daily time that is managed by yourself.

You receive training with lecture style, commentaries verse by verse, guidelines, expository bible teaching, practical assignments, video-documentation, researches, resources, quiz, newsletter design.

Bible Teachers
All lectures are taught from trustworthy and experienced bible teachers, pastors, and missionaries

Free Courses?

Yes it is true, our courses and certifications are financially free available but dedication and time investment is required.

Notice, to have a certificate of accomplishment you are required to finish the 6 months courses. Those who not seek certification can accomplish the courses in their own time frame.

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